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Banner image: Sunset on Lake Superior
Superior entry
This view on Lake Superior from the wheelstand is like watching television.
In this case, TV isn't such a bad thing.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1540

Indiana Harbor
It takes the Indiana Harbor about twentyeight hours to reach the locks at the Soo from Superior.
Fully loaded, the ship travels around 14.5 miles per hour.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1395

Indiana Harbor
Looking forward from the port side. With a full load the main deck is relatively level in the water.
Lake Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-1223

Bow wave
One of my favorite things to do on a ship is to stand at the bow and watch the bow wave.
When you walk on deck you move relative to the speed of the ship, like a moving sidewalk at the airport; it seems effortless.
Looking over the bow gives a real sense of the power of the vessel as it moves through the water.
Lake Superior, July 9, 2012, Image 12-1321

Stern wake
On the stern of the vessel the wake created from the ship's propellers is turbulent and dynamic.
Standing on the fantail you can feel the pulse of the props in the water and hear the force of the wake at the stern.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1368

sunset horizon
The horizons after sunset can often be more beautiful than the event itself. This rose colored
skyline receeding behind the ship's wake changes minutely until darkness overcomes it.
Lake Superior, July 9, 2012, Image 12-1325

Radar array at twilight
The radar array atop the vessel's pilothouse at twilight.
Lake Superior, July 9, 2012, Image 12-1358

Indiana Harbor at twilight
The calmness of the lake, the sublety of twilight, and the deck lights on the vessel create the
sensation that sailing across Lake Superior is indeed a special moment to be savored.
Lake Superior, July 8, 2012, Image 12-1357

Pilothouse at night
Radar arrays and computer aided navigation screens are essential to safe navigation in the darkness.
The Indiana Harbor operates long and short range radars while underway, with an additional unit in standby
in case of inclement weather. Officers are kept up to date on the latest changes in technology.
Lake Superior, July 9, 2012, Image 12-1360

Wake from the turn at Whitefish Point
The turn at Whitefish Point takes the vessel off the main body of Lake Superior toward the Soo Locks.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1440

Gros Cap light
The Gros Cap light is the first check-in point to the Soo Control traffic center for downbound vessels.
The light marks a series of seven submerged reefs. A light ship once marked these underwater obstructions.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1468

Relatively new to the Canadian shoreline near Isle Parisienne are wind turbines.
126 wind turbines populate the 20,000 acre Prince Wind Energy Project. At the time of its
completion in 2006 it was the largest wind farm in Canada, producing 189 megawatts of electricity.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1468

As the Indiana Harbor heads down the St. Mary's River toward Lake Huron, the Prince Wind Energy wind farm is
visible on the horizon. In this view the turbines are outlined in the distance against the brilliance of sunset.
Lake Superior, July 10, 2012, Image 12-1922
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