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Banner image: Indiana Harbor
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dock 5, Allouez,
Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-0999

Doe and Fawn
Secluded and restricted dock areas are often safe havens for wildlife.
A curious fawn and cautious mother peer from a distance near the old Great Northern dock trestles.
Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-0966

BN-SF Dock 5
The BN-SF dock consists of silos that hold the taconite and conveyor belts
that feed the bins from the storage piles several miles inland.
Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-1002

Diagonal bracing for conveyor lines
Diagonal steel bracings support the shiploader conveyors on the back side of the silos.
Strong vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines create interesting visual imagery.
Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-1000

taconite silos
Vertical concrete silos hold taconite pellets for loading ships in a
pleasing display of symmetry and shadow.
Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-1003

Lake Allouez
Nonexistant during times of drought, Superior's own Red Sea, known affectionately
as Lake Allouez, is at a season high level with the recent heavy rains.
Swimming is not recommended, but the turtles make an excellent red snapper soup.
Superior, July 7, 2012, Image 12-1005
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