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Banner image: Amnicon River
Amnicon river
Amnicon River Upper Falls
Amnicon River
Sandstone walls below lower falls
Spring run-off
Spring waterfall
Sandstone wall
Layering planes of sedimentary rock and cracked sedimentary rocks
Trees in Amnicon Falls
Forest community at Amnicon Falls
Upper Falls
Profile view of Upper Falls along the Douglas Fault separating
basaltic lava from Lake Superior sandstone
Covered bridge
Covered bridge at Amincon Falls
Ice chunk
Ice chunk atop basalt on Amnicon River
Amnicon Falls
Amincon River above Upper Falls
White Pine
Jack Pine tree
Ice chunks in river
Ice chunks in Amnicon River
Birch forest
Birch forest in northern Wisconsin
bird wings
Bird wings on sidewalk
bird wings
Bird wings on sidewalk, close-up
Bushes covered with snow
Bushes covered with snow
Snow on trees, spring snowstorm
snow on branches
snow on branches
snow laced branches
Snow covered branches
Spring snowstorm No. 2
Spring snowstorm No. 2