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Banner image: /Algoma Transport at Port Colborne
Port Colborne bridge
Clarence Street Bridge: The last bridge going toward Lake Erie, or the first bridge entering the canal at Port Colborne.
Port Colborne, June 26, 2019, Image 19-0118

Lock 2
Lock 2 is in St. Catharines, on Read Road. The bridge is a single leaf bascule style.
The turn off the bridge is almost 90 degrees, so racing a bridge means having good brakes.
St. Catharines, June 27, 2019, Image 19-0525

There are three car tunnels on the Welland. If a ship were passing it would appear above the road.
This was shot from a moving not try this at home. It will result in a different picture.
Welland Canal, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0384

old ship's wheel in park
An old ship's wheel faces east in a little park at the base of the Clarence Street Bridge.
Sections of the old canal can be seen here in this maritime themed park.
Port Colborne, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0612

valve in old canal
A valve of some kind in the preserved section of the old Welland Canal.
Even in its old age it was still very industrial and complex.
Port Colborne, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0614

stones along old canal
Who doesn't like old stone walls. Today it would be poured concrete. Hanging on to parts
of its history, Port Colborne is a good place to see this part of the old canal.
Port Colborne, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0616

I knowm its just a bollard. Part of the martime park, but also now becoming a bit of
history along the canal as ship arrestors have decreased their usage for commercial vessels.
Port Colborne, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0619

ship arrestor
These modern day magnetic ship arrestors have replaced line handlers for most all
commercial vessels in the Welland. Like a lamprey, they attach themselves to the hull.
Lock 5 or 6, June 27, 2019, Image 19-0486

Asian carp billboard
There is a bigger awareness of the pending Asian carp crisis in Canada than in the U.S.
Sadly, more devastation to the natural ecosystem will be the result. Fight this!
St. Catharines, June 28, 2019, Image 19-0843

two-gun salute
This is part of the ecosysten, giving us a fine salute. Welland Canal, June 30, 2019, Image 19-1628

flight locks
Lock 4 is the lowest of the flight locks. The downbound vessel is where all the water is coming
out of the lock. The vessel to the right is being raised in the first of three consecutive locks.
Lock 4, June 26, 2019, Image 19-0272

flight locks
The Fednav company of Montreal operates many vessels along the Great Lakes.
The Federal Churchill is heading easterly, most likely to top off a grain cargo.
Port Colborne, June 29, 2019, Image 19-1578

flight locks
Right behind them is this family outing on the river. Umm...don't see a single lifejacket. Good luck gramps.
Port Colborne, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0430

Lock 8
Gateway Park is a nice place to relax, watch a ship go by.
Lock 8, June 26, 2019, Image 19-0150

Bascule bridge
I sure don't see any super heroes scampering up
of one of these when it is raised.
Lock 8, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0653

Its hard to stay out of pictures sometimes.
Lock 2, bridge on Read Road. Love all the colors.
Enjoy the rest of the Welland photos
Lock 2, June 29, 2019, Image 19-0653
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